New Mixed Media Pieces...Workshop Weekend!

Had a wonderful weekend with Louis Freshman Brown, friends and fellow artists creating monotypes at Packer Collegiate Institute.  Louise was an inspiration as always!  Here are pics of the works I assembled over 2 days.  I might go back into a few of them but on the whole, I really enjoyed mixing monotype, direct painting, drawing and collage for these new works.  Pulling monotypes without a press is very loose and spontaneous.  For many of these pieces, I used a metal plate for the background, then layered gelatin plate portraits on top.  The gelatin plates allow for a lot of time to play around because of the amount of water in the gelatin so you can use acrylic paint or printmaking ink without it getting dry before its time.

This feels like a new direction and I'm thinking of them as a series entitled, "Inner Piece," They have a portrait nature with  a lot of room for interpretation by the viewer.